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Gene its Nature, Expression and Regulation

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Gene: The Concept, Characteristics and Functions

  • Essential Features of Genetic Material
  • Characteristics of Genes
  • Modern Concept of Gene
  • Functions of Genes

Types of Genes

  • Housekeeping Genes or Constitutive Genes, Luxury Genes or Noncontitutive Genes
  • Structural Genes (Cistrons), Regulator Genes, Operator Genes
  • Promoter Genes, Terminator Genes
  • Uninterrupted Genes or Continuous Genes Or Collinear Genes, Interrupted Genes or Discontinuous Genes or Split Genes
  • Overlapping Genes or Alternate Genes, Jumping Genes or Transposons
  • Gene Families

Genetic Material

  • DNA as Genetic Material
  • Griffith Experiment
  • Avery, Macleod and McCarty Experiment
  • Hershey – Chase Experiment
  • RNA as Genetic Material
  • Frankel-Conrat and Singer Experiment
  • Properties of DNA in Genetic Material
  • Comparision Between DNA and RNA as Genetic Material


  • Chemical Components of Nucleic Acids
  • Sugars, Phosphate Group, Nitrogen Bases
  • Pyrimidines and Purines
  • Nucleosides
  • Nucleotides
  • Linking of Nucleotides in polynucleotides
  • The Directionality of Polynucleotide Chain

Structure of DNA

Packaging of DNA

Replication of DNA


Science > BiologyYou are Here
Physics Chemistry  Biology  Mathematics