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Chemical Kinetics

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Introduction to Chemical Kinetics

  • Importance of Chemical Kinetics
  • Classification of Chemical Reactions on the Basis of Rate of Reaction
  • Rate of Reaction
  • Average rate of Reaction
  • Instantaneous Rate of Reaction
  • Graphical Representation of Rate of Reaction
  • Determination of Average Rate of Reaction
  • Determination of Instantaneous Rate of Reaction
  • Reaction Life Time
  • Law of Mass Action
  • Rate Law
  • Rate Constant
  • Characteristics of Rate Constant
  • Applications of Rate Law

Order of Reaction

  • Characteristics of Order of Reaction
  • Reactions with No Order
  • Integrated Rate Law For First-Order Reactions
  • Integrated Rate Law for Zero Order Reactions
  • Pseudo First Order Reactions
  • Summary Based on Order of Reactions

Molecularity of Reaction and Catalysis:

  • Concept of Elementary Reaction
  • Molecularity of Elementary Reaction
  • Distinguishing Between Molecularity and Order of Reaction
  • Multistep Reactions and Intermediates
  • Catalyst and its Effect on Rate of Reaction
  • Characteristics of Catalyst
  • Rate-Determining Step

Collision Theory

  • Collision of Reacting Molecule
  • Energy of Activation
  • Orientation of Reacting Molecules
  • Potential Barrier
  • Mathematical Treatment to Collision Theory

Arrhenius Equation

  • Factors Affecting Rate of Reaction
  • Effect of Change of Temperature on the Rate of Reaction
  • Arrhenius Equation
  • Arrhenius Equation and Temperature Variation
  • Determination of Activation Energy
Science > Chemistry > You are Here
Physics Chemistry  Biology  Mathematics