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Nature of Chemical Bond

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Octet Theory  ✔ (Foundation Level)

  • Chemical Bond and its Types
  • Octet Theory and Octet Rule
  • Lewis Dot Structures
  • Ionic Bond, Covalent Bond, and Coordinate Bond
  • Inadequacies of Octet Theory

Introduction to Ionic Bonds ✔ (Intermediate Level)

  • Characteristics of Ionic Bond
  • Examples of Ionic Bond
  • Ionic Bond and Periodic Table

Variable Electrovalency and Factors Affecting Formation of Ionic Bonds ✔ (Advanced Level)

  • Variable Elecrovalency
  • Unstable Nature of Core or Kernel
  • Inert Pair Effect
  • Ionization Energy of Electropositive Atom
  • Electron Gain Enthalpy of Electronegative Atom
  • Lattice Energy
  • Difference in Electronegativities

Properties of Ionic Compounds  ✔ (Intermediate + Advanced Level)

  • Physical State
  • High Boiling and Melting Points
  • Hardness and Brittleness
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • Lattice Energy
  • Solubility in Water

Introduction to Covalent Bonds ✔ (Intermediate Level)

Coordinate Bonds

Formation of Covalent Bonds

Valence Bond Theory (V. B. T.) ✔  (Intermediate Level)

  • Postulates of Valence Bond Theory
  • Geometry of Molecule on the Basis of VBT
  • Energy Change on the Basis of VBT
  • Variation in Energy During Formation of Bond

Overlaps of Orbitals  ✔ (Intermediate Level)

  • Formation of Hydrogen Molecule (s-s overlap)
  • Formation of Fluorine Molecule (p-p overlap)
  • Formation of Hydrogen Fluoride Molecule (s-p overlap)
  • Concept of Polar Molecule

Sigma Bonds and Pi Bonds ✔ (Intermediate Level)

  • Formation of Sigma Bonds
  • Characteristics of Sigma Bonds
  • Formation of Pi Bonds
  • Characteristics of Pi Bonds
  • Distinguishing Sigma Bond and Pi Bond

Hybridization of  Atomic Orbitals

Concept of Hybridization of Atomic Orbitals  ✔ (Intermediate Level)

  • Need for Hybridization
  • Steps in hybridization
  • Characteristics of Hybridization
  • Types of Hybridization

Types of Hybridization (Intermediate Level)

Science > Chemistry > You are Here
Physics Chemistry  Biology  Mathematics