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Third Row Elements

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  • Reasons for The Study of The Third Row Elements
  • Position Of The Third Row Elements In The Periodic table
  • Elements of the Third Row of Periodic Table
  • Electronic Configuration of Third Row Elements

Periodic Trend: Ionization Enthalpy

  • What is Ionization Enthalpy
  • Factors Affecting the ionization Enthalpy
  • Trends in the ionization Enthalpy Across the Period
  • Explanation of Irregularities in Trend
  • Concept of Higher Ionisation Potentials

Periodic Trend: Metallic and Non-Metallic Characters

  • Factors affecting metallic and non-metallic characters
  • Trends in metallic and non-metallic characters
  • Explanation of Trend of metallic and non-metallic characters

Periodic Trend: Oxidising and Reducing Properties

  • Concept of oxidation and Reduction
  • Concept of Oxidizing Agent and Reducing Agent
  • Trend in oxidising and reducing property
  • Explanation of Trend in oxidising and reducing property

Crystal Structure of Ionic Solids of the Third Row

  • Concept of Metallic Bond
  • Metallic Solids
  • Crystal structures of Sodium, Magnesium, Aluminium, and Aluminium

Metallic Properties of Metals of the Third Row

  • High melting and boiling point
  • Thermal conductivity or Conduction of Heat
  • Electrical Conductivity
  • Malleability and ductility
  • Metallic lustre
  • Electrical Conductivity of Silicon

Crystal Structure of Molecular Solids of the Third Row

  • Molecular solids
  • Characteristics of Molecular Solids
  • Structure of Phosphorous, Sulphur, Chlorine and Argon

Oxides of Third Row Elements

  • Basic Oxides
  • Acidic Oxides
  • Amphoteric Oxides
  • The Trend in Acidic and Basic Character

Hydroxy Compounds of the Third Row Elements

  • Types of Hydroxy Compounds
  • Trends in Acid-Base Behaviour of Hydroxy Compounds
  • Structures of Hydroxy Compounds of Phosphorous, Sulphur and Chlorine
Science > Chemistry > You are Here
Physics Chemistry  Biology  Mathematics