Power Nap

Power Nap

  • We sleep for about 8 hours. i.e. one-third a day. In broad sense  If our average life is 66 years, we will be sleeping for 22 years doing nothing. Besides we may not have sufficient time to sleep for 8 hours. Then, the power nap is the best way of having a sound sleep of almost 4 hours in just 20 minutes. This method is very useful for students and professionals. Use this method particularly in afternoon (during lunch time) and remain fresh and energetic throughout a day.
  • You will require soft jungle music to be playing all the while you are in the Power Nap.
    Jungle music will normally have sounds of birds, waterfall and wind breezing. You can get it recorded it on your MP3 player (I am not recommending mobiles because your mobile should be kept aside in switched off condition or turn mobile to aeroplane mode). Use of high-quality headphones is recommended. The volume of playing should be low. Play the music and make sure you sit or sleep in a comfortable position.  Very important, Make sure your cell phone is in silent mode or switched off. Also no one should disturb you when you are doing power Nap else it will not give you the effect what it should.
  • Now the science behind power nap is to play with your mind or rather in simple words fool your mind (yes your mind can be fooled for your benefit and your health). Our mind, have a built in system which relaxes complete body whenever some specific command are given to it. Scientifically speaking you acquire  theta and delta state of brain waves. This is a state of deep sleep. In this state some chemicals are produced in the body which relax the muscles and all joints. Similarly special chemicals are produced in brain which relieves you from mental stress. Medically it is called Rapid Eye Moment (REM) State. In normal 8 hour sleep we have three cycles of sleep each of about two and half hours. In each cycle we get 10 to 20 minutes of REM state. Power Nap  when practiced regularly will help you to get at least 3 to 4 hours of sleep in some 20 odd minutes. The key behind the Power Nap is you should be able to control your mind and second to be completely relaxed when you are doing the Power Nap.

Steps involved in power nap.

  1. Close your eyes and relax and continue to breathe deeply in a cyclic fashion and smoothly. The breathing should be deep and slow. Best is to do diaphragm breathing. Diaphragm breathing means to breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. While breathing out you have to keep slightly parted lips (and not a wide mouth open). Also you have to do full breathing, means your stomach and lungs should be filled with air completely when you breath in through your nose and should be empty completely when you breath out through you mouth. Diaphragm breathing is the most effective way of breathing and relaxing the body.
  2. Every time you breathe out, you have to say the word ‘RELAX’  3 times in your mind. While first time when you breathe out you have to imagine your head getting lighter and relaxed. Second time when you say the word ‘RELAX’ you have to imaging your body above your waist getting lighter and relaxed. And finally the third ‘RELAX’ you have to imagine your body below your waist getting lighter and relaxed.
  3. Once you have done this just concentrate on your breathing for a couple of minutes more. This will help you to eliminate all the thoughts which are running in your mind and bring you to a perfect state of silence to do the Powernap.
  4. Lets first start with a 2 hours (120mins) sleep. You have to say following in your mind. “I am sleeping for last 1 minute”. After 1 minute you have to say “I am sleeping from last 2 minutes.” After 1 minute you have to say “I am sleeping form last 4 minutes.” (This is the trick you just have just keep on doubling the time every 1 minute. After 1 minute you have to say “I am in a sound sleep from last 8 minutes.” Now, after 2 minutes you have to say “ I am in a wonderful sleep form last 15 minutes” Don’t be conscious of time, let your body clock and mind decide the interval, otherwise conscious mind comes into play. That’s the thing which we do not want.
  5. After 2 minutes you have to say “I am having a peaceful sleep from last half and hour.” Make sure now you say half and hour and not 30 minutes as brain considers half an hour more than 30 minutes. After 2 minutes say “I am in a sound sleep from past one hour.” After 2 minutes say “I am in deep sleep form last one hour and fifteen minutes.” and so on.
  6. For four-hour power nap proceed further with an interval of two minutes give instruction for sleep time span of half an hour.

Concluding Power Nap:

  1. After 2 minutes say “I am completely relaxed and completely energized with this wonderful, sound and deep sleep of 2 hours. I thank God, mother earth, the nature, all people in my life and my guardian Angeles for my wonderful life and giving me the opportunity to relax my body and get it re energized.”. Follow attitude of gratitude in the conscious state doing daily assignments and work. The attitude of gratitude and forgiveness is the key factor for having a good power nap.
  2. Now say in your mind that you are relaxed and its time to get up. Again start doing the diaphragm breathing for a minute more. And you can open your eyes.
  3. Stretch your body and get back to WORK!!!


  1. Initially, you will feel that these 18 to 20 minutes of exercise will give you relaxation of around one hour. But with practice you will be able to get yourself re energized for a sleep of close to 8 hours.
  2. Initially, you may find it difficult to remain in the state but a minimum practice of 21 continuous days is required.
  3. The power nap is the state when you get new ideas. If the idea is excellent just go for it and just do it.

    Have a Good Power Nap.

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