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Circular Motion

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The Concept of Circular Motion 

  • Definition and examples
  • The Terminology of Circular Motion
  • Angular Displacement, Angular Velocity, Angular Acceleration
  • Right-Hand Thumb Rule

Uniform Circular Motion 

  • The Concept of U.C.M.
  • Terminology of U.C.M.
  • Relation Between Linear Velocity and Angular Velocity
  • Relation Between Linear Acceleration and Angular Acceleration

Problems on Circular Motion 

Centripetal Acceleration 

  • Concept and Expression for Centripetal Acceleration (Geometric Method)
  • The expression for Centripetal Acceleration (Calculus/ Cartesian Method)
  • Problems on Centripetal Acceleration

Centripetal and Centrifugal Force 

  • Concept of Centripetal Force
  • Characteristics of Centripetal Force
  • Examples of Centripetal Force
  • Concept of Centrifugal Force
  • Centrifugal Force a Pseudo Force
  • Characteristics of Centrifugal Force
  • Examples of Centrifugal Force

Problems on Centripetal and Centrifugal Force 

Banking of Road 

  • Safe velocity of Vehicle on Unbanked Road
  • Banking of Road, Angle of Banking
  • Necessity of Banking of Road
  • Expression For Banking of Road
  • Expression for Safe Velocity on Banked Road
  • Factors Affecting Angle of Banking
  • Problems on Banking of Road

Conical Pendulum 

  • The Concept of Conical Pendulum
  • The Expression for Time Period
  • The Expression for Tension in the String
  • Problems on Conical Pendulum
  • Conical Pendulum in Non-inertial Reference Frame

Motion in Vertical Circle 

  • The Expression for Velocity of a Body
  • The Expression for Tension in the String
  • Minimum Velocities at Different Positions for Looping a Loop
  • Tension at Different Positions for Looping a Loop
  • The Energy of a body at different positions
  • Uniform Circular Motion in Vertical Circle
  • Problems Based on Motion in Vertical Circle
Science > Physics > You are Here
Physics Chemistry Biology Mathematics