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Current Electricity

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E.M.F. and Ohm’s Law

  • Electric Current Through Conductor
  • Types of Material on the Basis of Electrical Conductivity
  • Requirement of Potential Difference
  • Cause of Resistance of a Conductor
  • Resistance of a Conducting Wire
  • Specific Resistance or Resistivity of a Conductor
  • Conductance and Conductivity
  • Ohm’s Law and its Graphical Representation
  • Temperature Dependence of Resistance
  • Expression for Temperature Coefficient of Resistance
  • Thermistors

Kirchoff’s Laws

  • Kirchoff’s Junction Law
  • Kirchoff’s Voltage Law
  • Application of Kirchoff’s Law to Simple Circuit
  • Wheatstone’s Network (Bridge)
  • Wheatstone’s Metre Bridge

Numerical Problems on Wheatstone’s Metre Bridge – 01


  • Principle, Construction
  • Use of Potentiometer to measure e.m.f. of cell
  • Use of Potentiometer to compare e.m.fs. of cells
  • Use of Potentiometer to measure Internal Resistance of Cell of cell
Science > Physics > You are Here
Physics Chemistry  Biology  Mathematics