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Electromagnetic Induction

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Concept of Electromagnetic Induction

  • Terminology of Electromagnetism
  • Faraday’s Magnet Coil Experiment
  • Faraday’s Coil-Coil Experiment
  • Faraday’s Laws of Electromagnetic Induction
  • Lenz’s Law of Electromagnetic Induction
  • Proof of Faraday’s Laws of Electromagnetic Induction
  • Fleming’s Left-Hand Rule

Eddy Currents

  • Origin of Eddy Currents
  • Uses of Eddy Currents
  • Disadvantages of Eddy Currents

Self and Mutual Induction

  • Concept of Self Inductance
  • Coefficient of Self Induction
  • Concept of Mutual Inductance
  • Coefficient of Mutual Induction
  • Transformer
  • Types of Transformer
  • Losses in Transformer

Rotation of Coil in Magnetic Field

  • The Principle of Electrical Generator
  • Simple AC Circuit with Resistance Only
  • The Terminology of AC circuit
  • Power Dissipated in AC Circuit

Reactance and Impedance of a Circuit

  • Inductive Reactance
  • Capacitive Reactance
  • Power Dissipated in LCR Circuit

Resonating Circuits

  • Series LCR Resonating Circuit
  • Parallel LC Resonating Circuit
Science > PhysicsYou are Here
Physics Chemistry  Biology  Mathematics