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Magnetic Effect of Electric Current

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Electromagnets (Level – Foundation)

  • Oersted’s Experiment
  • Nature of Magnetic Field Due to Current Carrying conductor
  • The Direction of Magnetic Field Due to Current Carrying conductor
  • Concept of Electromagnets
  • Uses of Electromagnets
  • Solenoid
  • Force Experienced by Current Carrying Conductor in Magnetic Field
  • Working of Electric Bell

Electricity of Magnetism (Level – Foundation)

  • Faraday’s Coil Magnet Experiment
  • Dynamo: Principle, Construction, Working, Uses
  • Transformer: Principle, Construction, Working, Uses
  • Electric Motor: Principle, Construction, Working, Uses

Biot Savart’s Law and its Applications  (Level – Intermediate)

  • Oersted’s Experiment
  • Factors Affecting Strength of Magnetic Field
  • Biot-Savart’s Law
  • Magnetic Induction at  a Point Near to Straight Long Conductor Carrying Current
  • Magnetic Induction at  the centre of Coil Carrying Current

Ampere’s Law (Level – Intermediate)

  • Ampere’s Law and its Applications
  • Magnetic induction due to Straight Long Conductor
  • Magnetic induction due to Solenoid
  • Magnetic induction due to Toroid

Moving Coil Galvanometer  (Level – Intermediate)

  • Principle, Construction and working of MCG
  • Advantages and Disadvantages  of MCG
  • Sensitivity and Accuracy of MCG

Ammeters and Voltmeters  (Level – Intermediate)

  • Requirements of Good Ammeter
  • Conversion of MCG into Ammeter
  • Requirement of Good Voltmeter
  • Conversion of MCG into voltmeter

Tangent Galvanometer (Level – Intermediate)

  • Principle
  • Construction, Adjustments and Working
  • Sensitivity and Accuracy
  • Distinguishing Between M.C.G. and T.G.

Particle Accelerator (Cyclotron) (Level – Intermediate)

  • Particle Accelerators
  • Principle of Cyclotron
  • Construction and Working of Cyclotron
  • Uses of Cyclotron
Science > Physics > You are Here
Physics Chemistry Biology Mathematics