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Introduction to Oscillations 

  • The Concept of oscillatory Motion and its Terminology
  • Harmonic and Non-harmonic Oscillations
  • Periodic Oscillations
  • Fourier Theorem
  • The Expression for Displacement Using Fourier Theorem
  • Phase and Initial Phase of S.H.M.

Linear Simple Harmonic Motion 

  • Linear Simple Harmonic Motion and its Terminology
  • Differential Equation of Linear Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Expressions for Displacement, Velocity and Acceleration of Particle performing S.H.M.
  • The phase of S.H.M.
  • Period of S.H.M.
  • Uniform Circular Motion as S.H.M.

Numerical Problems: To calculate Displacement, Velocity, Acceleration, and Phase 

Graphical Representation of S.H.M. 

  • Particle Starting from Mean Position
  • Particle Starting from Extreme Position
  • Conclusions

Energy of Particle Performing S.H.M. 

  • Expression for Kinetic Energy
  • Expression for Potential Energy
  • Expression for Total Energy
  • Expression for Total Energy in Different Formats

Numerical Problems on Energy of Particle in S.H.M. 

Composition of Two S.H.M.s 

  • Expression for Resultant Amplitude
  • Expression for Resultant Phase
  • Special Cases

Simple Pendulum 

  • Motion of Bob of Simple Pendulum as S.H.M.
  • Period of Vibration of Simple Pendulum
  • Laws of Simple Pendulum
  • Seconds Pendulum

Oscillations Due to Vertical Spring  

Oscillations Due to Horizontal Spring

Oscillation of Liquid Column in U-Tube

Oscillation of a Ball in Neck of Air Chamber

Oscillation of Floating Cylinder

Types of Oscillations

Science > Physics > You are Here
Physics Chemistry  Biology  Mathematics