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Electrons and Photons

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  • Concept of Work Function
  • Discovery of Electrons
  • Effect of Electric Field on Cathode Ray Particles
  • Effect of Magnetic Field on Cathode Ray Particles
  • Thomson’s Experiment to Find Specific Charge (e/m) Ratio

Numerical Problems on Thomson’s Experiment 

Photoelectric Effect 

  • Experiment to Study Photoelectric Effect
  • Concept of Threshold Frequency and Threshold Wavelength
  • Concept of Saturation Current and Stopping Potential
  • Characteristics of Photoelectric Effect

Numerical Problems on Threshold Frequency, Threshold wavelength, and Work Function

Einstein’s Photoelectric Equation 

  • Dual nature of Light
  • Planck’s Quantum Theory
  • Particle Nature of Electromagnetic Radiations
  • Derivation of Einstein’s Photoelectric Equation
  • Photoelectric Work Function
  • Explanation of the Photoelectric Effect on the Basis of Photoelectric Equation

Numerical Problems on Maximum Kinetic Energy of Photon and Stopping Potential ✔

Applications of Photoelectric Effect 

  • Photovoltaic Cell or Photo Cell
  • Use of Photoelectric Cell in Sound Reproduction
  • Use of Photoelectric Cell in Burglar Alarm
  • Use of Photoelectric Cell in Exposure Meter
Science > Physics > You are Here
Physics Chemistry Biology Mathematics