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Projectile Motion

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The Concept of Projectile Motion

  • Terminology of Projectile Motion
  • Characteristics of Projectile Motion
  • Equation of Path of Projectile
  • Velocity of Projectile at Any Instant
  • Expression for Time of Ascent
  • Expression for Time of Flight
  • Expression for Time of Descent
  • Expression for Maximum Height Reached
  • Expression for Range of Projectile
  • Condition for Maximum Range
  • Relation Between Maximum Range and Maximum Height Reached by Projectile
  • Two complementary angles of projections give same range of the projectile

Numerical Problems on Projectile Motion – 01

  • To Find Maximum Height Reached, Time of Flight, Horizontal Range
  • To Find Angle of Projection and Velocity of Projection
  • To Calculate Maximum Range
Science > Physics > You are Here
Physics Chemistry  Biology  Mathematics