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  • Concept
  • Characteristics of Radiation
  • Coefficient absorption (a)
  • Coefficient reflection (r)
  • Coefficient transmission (t)
  • Relation Between a, r and t
  • Diathermanous Body and its Characteristics
  • Adiathermanous Body and its Characteristics
  • Numerical Problems
  • Emissive Power
  • Coefficient of Emission
  • Prevost’s Theory of Heat Exchanges

Kirchoff’s Law of Radiation

  • Kirchoff’s Law of Radiation
  • Theoretical Proof of Kirchoff’s Law
  • Experimental Proof of Kirchoff’s Law (Ritchie’s Experiment)
  • Numerical Problems

Black Body

  • Perfectly Black Body
  • Characteristics of Perfectly Black Body
  • Ferry’s Black Body
  • The Spectrum of Black Body
  • Characteristics of Spectrum of Black Body
  • Wien’s Displacement Law and its Significance
  • Simple Radiation Correction
  • Application of Radiation Correction

Stefan’s Law

  • Statement and Explanation
  • Expression for Loss of Heat to the Surroundings
  • Newton’s Law of Cooling
  • Derivation of Newton’s Law of Cooling Using Stefan’s Law
  • Solar Constant
  • Calculation of Surface Temperature of the Sun

Numerical Problems on Newton’s Law of Cooling

Science > Physics > You are Here
Physics Chemistry  Biology  Mathematics