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Stationary Waves


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Formation of Stationary Waves  ✔

  • Review of Progressive Waves
  • Analytical Treatment to Formation of Stationary waves
  • Characteristics of Stationary waves

Vibrations of String  ✔

  • Concept of Overtones and Harmonics
  • Different Modes of Vibrations of String
  • Expression for Fundamental Frequency of Vibrating String

Sonometer  ✔

  • Laws of Vibrating String
  • Construction and Use of Sonometer

Melde’s Experiment  ✔

  • Tuning Fork in Longitudinal Position
  • Tuning Fork in Transverse Position
  • Relation Between Number of Loops and Tension

Vibrations of Air Columns  ✔

  • Vibration of Air Column in a Pipe Closed at One End
  • Vibration of Air Column in a Pipe open at Both Ends
  • End Correction
  • Elimination of End Correction
  • End Correction for a Pipe Closed at One End
  • End Correction for a Pipe open at Both Ends

Resonance  ✔

  • Free Vibrations
  • Forced Vibrations
  • Resonance
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Resonance
  • Resonance Tube Experiment
Science > Physics > You are Here
Physics Chemistry  Biology  Mathematics