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1 Mark Questions

1) Why are plants obtained by protoplast culture called somatic hybrids ?

2) What is protoplast fusion ?

3) Why are proteins synthesized from Spirulina called single cell protein ?

4) A person who is allergic to pulses was advised to take a capsule of Spirulina daily. Give the reasons for the advise.

5) What is emasculation ? Why and when it is done ?

6) Give limitations of plant hybridization programme.

7) Give the names of the insect resistant varieties of crop.

8) What is IARI?

9) Explain the term germplasm

10) Who developed semi-dwarf varieties of wheat, which is high yielding and disease resistant ?

11) Name the commonly occurring deficient micronutrients in staple crops like wheat and rice.

12) Give the name of one secondary metabolite with its plant source.

13) Give reasons, in tissue culture technique when the explant is used from apical meristem, plants produced are diseases free.

14) Give the principle of plant tissue culture.

15) Give the name of an organism cultivated as a source of single cell protein.

16) Name any two crop diseases caused by fungi

17) How SCP is beneficial ? Explain.

18) What is Atlas 66?

19) Define SCP.

20) Explain how healthy plants are recovered from diseased plant.

21) State the importance of biofortification

22) Name any two diseases the Himgiri variety of wheat is resistant to.

23) Why are living plant cells said to be totipotent?

24) Give the basic purpose of performing plant breeding.

25) What is the major advantage of producing plants by micropropogation?

26) Name the agent which facilitate the fusion of protoplast.

27) Give an example of somatic hybrid.

28) Name the varieties of rice from which semi dwarf varieties have been developed.

29) Name the semi-dwarf variety of wheat which is high yielding and disease resistant.

30) Name any four hybrid varieties of crop plants which have been developed in India.

31) What is meant by “hidden hunger”?

2 Marks Questions

1) What is meant by germplasm collection ? What are its benefits ?

2) Name the improved characters of wheat that helped India to achieve green revolution.

3) Plants raised through tissue cultures are clones of the parent plant, discuss the utility of these plants.

4) Explain Dr. Norman Borlaug’s contribution towards improvement of crop plants.

5) Explain i) “Hidden hunger” ii) Biofortification

6) Give the breeding methods used to bring biofortification

7) Which are the different types of tissue culture ?

8) Give advantages of micropropogation

9) Give the objectives of plant breeding

10) Name the disease resistant varieties of crop plants for the different pathogens like fungus, bacteria, virus respectively.

11) Explain the terms – Callus and Explants.

12) What are the applications of tissue culture?

13) Suggest four important steps to produce a disease resistant plant through conventional plant breeding method.

14) Large scale cultivation of Spirulina is highly advantageous for human population . Explain giving two reasons.

15) a) Why are the plants raised through micropropogation termed as somaclones? b) Mention two advantages of this technique.

16) List the two steps that are essentials for carrying out artificial hybridization in crop plant and why?

17) Why are the plants obtained by protoplast culture called somatic hybrid?

18) Why are biofortified maize and wheat considered nutritionally improved.

19) Enlist the characters that breeders have tried to incorporate into crop plant.

20) Selection process after hybridization is very crucial in breeding programmers. Give reasons.

21) State the objectives of breeding for improved nutritional quality of crops.

22) How does culturing of Spirulina solve the food problems of the growing population ?

23) Enumerate four objectives for improving the nutritional quality of different crops for health benefits of the human population by the process of Biofortification.

24) Identify two ways in which Spirulina is helpful to mankind.

25) What is meant by biofortification ? Explain

26) Which part of the plant is best suited for making virus-free plants and why ?

3 Marks Questions

1) You are a Botanist working in the area of plant breeding. Describe the various steps that you will undertake to release a new variety.

2) What are the advantages of tissue culture methods over conventional method of plant breedingmin crop improvement programme ?

3) a) Mutations are beneficial for plant breeding. Taking an example justify the statement. b) Discuss briefly the technology that made us self sufficient in food production.

4) Explain any three methods to increase food production ?

5) Explain importance of micropropogation and somatic hybridization.

6) What is plant breeding ? Describe the breeding of crop plant for disease resistance and high yielding varieties

7) Name the disease resistant varieties of crop plants for different pathogens like Fungi, Viruses and bacteria.

Name of Pathogen

Name of the disease resistant Plant

Name of the disease


Himgiri of wheat

………….  & ………….


………… of Cauliflower

Black rot


………….. of chilli


8) What are the basic requirements of tissue culture ?

9) Explain SCP and Give its advantages

10) Describe the steps in plant tissue culture.

11) How was conventional plant breeding done ?

12) What are the factors responsible for the success of Green revolution ?

13) How is mutational breeding advantageous over conventional breeding ?

14) Mention the steps that are followed in developing new variety of crop under plant breeding programme.

15) What is biofortification ? Give its importance. Give two examples of

plants developed in IARI.
16) What is single cell protein ? Give its importance and two examples of SCP.

17) How can crop varieties made disease resistant to over- come food crisis in India? Explain.
Name one disease resistant variety in India of
a) Wheat to leaf and stripe rust
b) Brassica to white rust.

Maharashtra State Board > Science > Biology Question Bank > Enhancement in Food Production > You are Here
Physics Question Bank Chemistry Question Bank Biology Question Bank Maths Question Bank
Physics Chemistry  Biology  Mathematics

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